Container Port 4.0TM

We envision in the 4th industrial age, an intelligent container port enabled by smart real-time connectivity and embedded within the larger supply chain, driving synchronised coordination among all stakeholders. Container Port 4.0TM (CP4.0TM) is PSA’s technology blueprint and vision for our Container Port of the Future.

We invite you to co-create this future container port with PSA unboXed.

Connected Community

  • Collaborative workflow and streamlined digital documentation for vessel stowage planning, freight arrangement, trade financing and compliance, and supply chain execution to reduce iterative processes.
  • Real-time end-to-end freight and supply chain visibility, secured by access control and cybersecurity, to all stakeholders instead of relayed dissemination down the chain, enabling flexible and dynamic scheduling.
  • Crowd-sourcing and asset-sharing business solutions to improve asset utilisation and service scalability.
  • Use of Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for predictive and seamless supply chain events, synchronizing freight movement in a way that reduces inventory costs.
  • Marketplaces to expand procurement options for supply chain services.
  • Integration within port communities of the various activities and transactions among actors such as authorities, customs, pilots, tugs, shipping agents and service providers to achieve better coordination.
Connected Community
Machine Augmented Workforce

Machine Augmented Workforce

  • Harnessing Big Data, Analytics and AI for key enterprise processes such as intelligence gathering, recruitment and onboarding.
  • RPA for clerical and repetitive administrative processes including report writing, data extraction and server administration, as well as finance processes such as reconciliations and AR/AP processing.
  • Enterprise data and resource management.

Automated Container Handling

  • Solutions that improve the safety and user experience of all man-machine interfaces.
  • Machine-assisted coning/deconing operations and lashing solutions to enhance the safety and productivity of the stevedores.
  • Autonomous cargo handling machines relying on markerless navigation systems that are able to operate in inclement weather and able to effect swift, automatic and precise hand-offs between equipment.
  • Smart fleet management systems for automatic vehicles or truck platooning solutions for horizontal transfer of cargo.
  • Contactless or near-contactless solutions for power transmission to heavy container handling equipment and refrigerated containers.
Automated Container Handling
Smart Engineering