PSA unboXed offers you access to an extensive network of PSA expertise, resources and opportunities to unbox your idea into a sustainable business with a go-to-market strategy.

We are looking to improve efficiencies and explore new spaces in port operations and supply chain adjacencies through the application of novel technology and innovative solutions and invite you to co-create technology solutions for the logistics industry, supply chain and toward our vision for our container port of the future.

PSA unboXed focuses on LogTech solutions as envisioned in our CP4.0™ technology blueprint – we view the intelligent container port in the 4th industrial age enabled by real-time connectivity, data-orchestrated operations as an integral component of the supply chain. We want to provide for our stakeholders:

We invite you to co-create this Container Port of the Future with PSA unboXed, or apply your solutions to the broader supply chain. Send your idea to [email protected].